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The Next Generation Entrepreneurs program provides high school students with a real world environment for developing products while working with business community mentors. The uniqueness of this program is its emphasis on the business development framework and the different types of skills and career opportunities needed to develop and deliver solutions.

What product idea do you have to make the world a better place? Come work side-by-side with real world business mentors to develop your idea and make your product a reality!!! This is your chance to win up to $10,000 to develop your product and make an impact in the world. It takes just 10 to 15 minutes to apply online and fill out the charter with your business solution and product idea. 

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Competition Information

1. This is a team or individual competition.  
2. You must apply online.
     - Each team member must submit a signed parent consent and media release form.     
     - Each team must submit an application to apply.
3. The competition is open to any student attending Pinellas County Public High Schools.
4. Once you have applied, a link will be provided to the Basecamp tool for your team to post all of your documentation required for the competition.
5. Three winners will be selected: 

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(The 2017 Application Period is from September 5 to October 16)

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2017-2018 Next Generation ​Entrepreneurs Program Finalists

Basketball Recycle

Our goal is to increase the amount of the people that recycle. One of the main reasons why people choose not to recycle is because they have no motivation to recycle. With the “Basketball Recycling Bin”, we financially motivate users to recycle. The sensor on the hoop counts every water bottle that is thrown into the bin. At the end of the day, someone comes in to collect the water bottles from the bin. Each water bottle collected from the bin at the end of the day is worth fifty cents. Stopping the pain of recycling helps you earn money.

This basketball inspired trash can will be able to calm the mind of any ecofriendly passerby that happens upon it. It allows people to interact more with their environment by providing a challenge all can complete. Most people feel useful and accomplished after completing small tasks, allowing them peace of mind for a short amount of time. Knowing that their ability to shoot a hoop makes a difference, is bound to brighten anyone's mood. The point keeper will give people a sense of significance, especially when the numbers continue to climb.

Our consumers would be people that would be willing to recycle in a fun way. Our Product will persuade people to recycle more and keep the Environment healthy and clean.

Boil Blower

Our product is the answer to the inefficiencies of boiling pasta in a pot. The product is a state of the art battery powered fan that prevents the bubbles created during the process of boiling from flooding out of the pot. This allows the chef to be able to multitask without the worry of a mess on the user’s stovetop. Overall, when a customer uses our product, it makes their life a lot easier and stress free while cooking something. The Boil Blower allows the customer to multitask while cooking, prevents a mess, and get distracted instead of the customer making a mess and not having the ability to multitask while cooking.


My service is an app that helps user find events from around St. Petersburg and combines weather, traffic, and ticket purchasing to expedite the process to attend events. It also uses filters to help users find events that are tailored to their interests.

Gibbs Bucks Early Bird Express Truck 
Gibbs Early Bird Express is a coffee truck business that serves beverages early in the morning. We will serve the Gibbs High School neighborhood zones. We are preventing the rush hour accidents in the morning with a Coffee Truck in various locations around the community. We are working on an Early Bird Express App that can take Point of Sale into our online system and provides the customer with a GPS and an ETA so that their coffee made by the exact time they will arrive.

Healthy on the Go       

My project “healthy on the go” is like an ATM where you can customize your own healthy box of food depending on what type of box you picked. There will be different kinds of boxes like: midnight cravings, energy boost, breakfast blend, pre workout, after workout, protein power, etc. Each box will have a certain healthy selection to go with the type of box. The boxes will take no longer than 2 minutes. 

Project Sway

Our product is an electric wheelchair that uses a different wheel setup than normal ones (ours will use mechanum wheels) which will allow the chair to move side to side as well as forwards and back. Our customers experience the pain of trying to move around in an environment not meant for wheelchairs, and our product removes this pain by giving them more maneuverability in a wheelchair.

Sky Stream 

Our product is first of its kind, to mend seamlessly the experience of HMD (head mounted displays) and the remote operation of drones to allow for a more immersive experience rather than a standard monitor.

This product will allow consumers to have an immersive experience with their drones or rc vehicles to allow for more enjoyment and more versatility in its use. This product will allow someone to learn how to fly faster and more efficiently than anything seen before. Also, this would provide a more affordable enthusiast grade experience toward remote control vehicles.

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