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The Academies of Pinellas

Ford NGL Pinellas

Academies of Pinellas:

Pinellas County Schools, the Pinellas Education Foundation and Ford Next Generation Learning began a partnership 2011-12. Together, a 5 year plan was written that established the Academies of Pinellas, with an emphasis on promoting higher career academy enrollment, increasing student-earned industry certifications and expanding wall-to-wall academies in Pinellas County High Schools.

Today there are over 30 Academy of Pinellas programs. Click here for a complete listing. Every high school has at least one academy, while most high schools have multiple academies and some are wall-to-wall academies. Forty-three percent of Pinellas students are engaged in either academies or magnet programs. Career academy programs increase the success of all students.
The Career Education Board, a standing committee of the Pinellas Education Foundation, chaired by Bob McIntyre and Brad Kugler oversees the community’s involvement in the Academies of Pinellas program.

Academies of Pinellas graduates in our 17 high schools represent approximately 1,410 students, which is 25% of the overall 5,625 graduates in 2014.

Career Academies and Career Technical Courses Increase Engagement, GPA and Graduation Rate

In 2013-14 the graduation rate in Pinellas County rose by 4% from the previous year, the largest increase in the region.

2014 Graduation Rate for Females: 82%  2014 Academies of Pinellas Graduation Rate for Females: 94%
2014 Graduation Rate for Males: 72%      2014 Academies of Pinellas Graduation Rate for Males:  96%
2014 Overall Graduation Rate: 76%          2014 Overall Academies of Pinellas Graduation Rate:  95%

Since 2011, Pinellas has more than tripled the number of industry certifications earned by students.

2011-12: 672
2012-13: 1,091
2013-14: 1,711

Students are encouraged to earn certifications that align with job demand. Certifications add relevance, one of the drivers of a good career education program. Many certifications also convert to college credit – a cost saving for parents.

GPA Bar Graph Chart:

2014 Unweighted GPA by Program & Gender

Academies of Pinellas are:

  • A proven benefit to all students enrolled
  • Great for female students and male students, who have overcome a large achievement gap
  • Evidence that male student performance must improve in order to make significant gains in overall graduation rate


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