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Added support for accelerated success

The Pinellas Education Foundation is dedicated to enhancing academic achievement and providing multiple pathways for students to succeed in life. Occasionally, our efforts fall outside those focus areas—but we believe these enhancements are critical to creating a supportive culture for our teachers and developing important skills for students.

- Teachers -

Evening of Excellence: Teacher of the Year

A supportive culture helps us attract and retain the most effective teachers. In addition to providing training and grant opportunities, the Pinellas Education Foundation has partnered with Pinellas County Schools to recognize excellence in the classroom. For three decades, we’ve honored our community’s most inspiring teachers with a formal ceremony naming the Pinellas County Teacher of the Year. The winner moves on to represent Pinellas County for the title of Florida Teacher of the Year.

Fund a Classroom

Every year, teachers struggle to provide interactive learning experiences for their students. Fund a Classroom gives teachers the resources they need to engage today’s students with innovative, hands-on instruction. Throughout the year, teachers submit grants outlining their goals and budget, which are posted on our online portal. When teachers achieve their goal, they return to the website and provide a project impact report.

Pinellas Teacher Testimonials

“Every day, I see students who are trying so hard to get an education despite their socioeconomic situation at home. Their families often have to choose between school supplies or food. I try to level the playing field, but it becomes increasingly difficult as my number of students increase. Your donations have made it possible for these wonderful students to start off like everyone else… you have given them an open door to success!”

- Beth McCallister, Pinellas County Teacher

Help us bring amazing learning experiences to the students of Pinellas County. Invest in the creativity of one of our teachers today.

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Next Generation Tech

Next Generation Tech (NGT) prepares students to compete in a global economy with a yearlong challenge surrounding technology enhancements, apps and other innovations. Throughout the year, student teams from all Pinellas County high schools work closely with teachers and business mentors to refine their business plans.

Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Next Generation Entrepreneurs (NGE) gives high school students a real-world environment to develop products alongside business mentors. This yearlong active learning capstone program rounds out industry training received through our Career Academies. Throughout the program, teachers simulate key events and decisions of starting and running a business, equipping students with the tools to become better employees and entrepreneurs.

- Students -

Enterprise Village

Established nearly 30 years ago, Enterprise Village is a signature program of the Pinellas Education Foundation. The educational experience helps students link classroom lessons with real-world knowledge application using the stage of working for a business as the hook to support student engagement. Mandated for all fifth-grade public school students of Pinellas County, Enterprise Village hosts memory-making experiences for up to 13,000 students each year.

Finance Park

Finance Park was established nearly twenty years ago as a response to parent, student and teacher demand for an interactive and real-world solution for eighth-grade learning. Today, our mandated financial literacy program serves up to 10,000 students annually with an emphasis on applying math skills in the context of managing a household budget. Students are randomly assigned life profiles including marital status, children/dependents, and household income, which create the framework for powerful lessons in financial literacy.