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A mentor is a caring and compassionate adult volunteer who has a few hours to give on a weekly or biweekly basis to a child in need of guidance and and adult role model. Your time may be spent reading a book, having lunch together, playing a board game, or just talking about life. Mentors and tutors are retirees who may have free time to spend in the classroom. They are mothers and fathers who want to spend a few hours a week helping out in their child's school. They are business people who may spend their lunch hours in the nearest public school, helping a student grow and learn. Mentors and tutors are people just like YOU!

You can volunteer to be a mentor or tutor in a Pinellas County Public School. To find out how you can sign up to be a mentor to a young person who needs your help, contact Kimberly Landry at Kimberly.Landry@pinellaseducation.org.

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