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Education Symposium: Why Are We Losing Our Boys?

 To read the white paper detailing the issue, click here.

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Panel members include:
Dr. Kathleen Armstrong, Dr. Barbara Morrison- Rodriguez,
Robert Weaver, Dr. Javier Cuevas and Judy Owen.

Thank you for you interest in our 2014 Education Symposium Topic!

To view what was covered in April, please see below.

 Presentation by Jim Myers

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Panel Presentation
Panelists are: Pam Settle, Dr. Adele Solazzo, Dr. Eric Tridas, Dr. Joyce Swarzman
and Judge Irene Sullivan

To provide you with more information, we've composed a list of YouTube clips from various experts that all focus on the gender gap. We've also created a short 12 question quiz that provides some startling statistics as it relates to our male students in education.

Click here to take the Achievement Gap Quiz​

YouTube Clips Regarding the Symposium

Christina Hoff Sommers – School has become too hostile for boys

Dr. Thompson – Gap in Math, Science and Literacy

Dr. Lenord Sax – More women attending college but the gender gap starts in the elementary grades

Dr. Lenord Sax – Single Sex Classrooms

Dr. Thompson – How Hormones Shape the Brain and Influence Behavior

Lisa Bloom – Why Boys fail more than girls

Michael Gurian On Why Girls In School Do Better Than Boys

Peg Tyre: Boys as the underdog (disagrees with Michael Gurian on some of his philosophy)

Dr. Richard Saul – Does ADHD Exist?

Richard Whitmire – Why Boys Fail

Christina Hoff Sommer – War against Boys – zero tolerance policy

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