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Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

1st place: Scanned - Connor Dupuis, Nicholas Ionata, Rohan Kohli  – East Lake High School

Project Overview: Taking attendance of large groups for events and meetings is a pain. This problem is experienced on both sides. The signing in and signing out process exemplifies many inefficiencies. Additionally the management side of recording attendance is equally inefficient. We have created an app that solves this.

2nd place: STEM LINK - Nikhil Sharma, Daniel Denison, Michael Froid, Ethan Smith and Adriana Nazarko – Lakewood High School

Project Overview: Traditional classrooms are not equipped to meet the ever fluctuating demands of the 21st century. As technology expands and revolutionizes the world, we need to make sure that 21st century students have the skills and experiences needed to properly prepare themselves for higher education and careers. According to the U.S Department of Education, over 2 million students are currently homeschooled and over 6.7 million students are taking online classes. The appeal of online classes for most students is a combination of ease as well as enhanced learning due to more online tools. VOLE will be a solution to lack of interest that students show in some subject areas, as well as a way to revolutionize education, so that students in a brick-and-mortar school as well as students taking classes online will receive the same degree of beneficial education.

3rd place: Game Squids - Matthew DiGiovanni,  Johnathan Ferguson, Elijah Hunter, Franchesca Komarnitzky, Jaden Slack – Career Academies of Seminole

Project Overview:  Video games teach children problem solving and creativity. Video games help with children brain development. Our game is a side scrolling game, the character is a narwhal, who lost his family in a hurricane, and trying to get back home. The narwhal has to overcome obstacles like jellyfish and plastic bags, oil, etc. Our game will teach about pollution, and relieve stress to the player.



About Next Generation Tech

The Next Generation Tech program provides high school students with a real world environment for developing software while working with business community mentors. The uniqueness of this program is its emphasis on the software development framework and the different types of skills and career opportunities (so much more than programming!!!) needed to develop and deliver Technology solutions.

What product idea do you have to make the world a better place? Come work side-by-side with real world business mentors to develop your idea and make your product a reality!!! This is your chance to win up to $10,000 to develop your product and make an impact in the world. It takes just 10 to 15 minutes to apply online and fill out the charter with your business solution and product idea.

2016-17 Next Gen Tech Top Finalists

Student Tech Program Winner

Competition Information

1. This is a team competition with 3-5 students on a team.
2. You must apply online.
     - Each team member must submit a signed parent consent and media release form.     
     - Each team must submit an application to apply.
3. The competition is open to any student attending Pinellas County Public High Schools.
4. Once you have applied, a link will be provided to the Basecamp tool for your team to post all of your documentation required for the competition.
5. Three winners will be selected: 

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